Letters from the Rev

Letters from the Rev

1 Mar 2018 • Letters from the Rev

Dear All

As we're now well into Lent and perhaps the longest period of self denial most people adhere to, people will be thinking about enjoying Easter with many looking forward to their first taste of chocolate etc. for a while. We also know that some will have too much and the whole diet process will start over again. It really does seem that we find it difficult to change for good and have to have many attempts at it. It's probably the same with who we are as a person that we try and do the right things but inevitably do some of the wrong things and have to make recompense all over again. It's called repentance and on that joyful first Easter morning Jesus showed that we can and always will be forgiven by God and enjoy eternal life. It's a new life not dependent on our frail human abilities but on the grace of God. We don't need to follow any trendy diet just follow Jesus Christ because as He said 'my yoke is easy and my burden is light'. And for all who find self denial hard at sometime, that really is an enormous blessing.

Love and prayers,